Friday, April 25, 2008

Versailles is coming to US!

Good news to people who lives in US (unfortunately I don't), one of the Visual-kei band, Versailles is coming to US. This information was obtained from their MySpace webpage, so here's the detail if you want a quick info:

A-Kon 19
Date: May 30, 2008
Venue: The Adam’s Mark Hotel, 400 North Olive Street, Dallas, Texas 75201
Cost: A-Kon admission

Live in Los Angeles
Date: June 3, 2008
The Knitting Factory, 7021 Hollywood Blvd Ste 209, Los Angeles, California 90028
Cost: $17

Personally, I think Versailles is such a great band despite of their appearance and do check them out if you're interested about them. If you want to take tour to Versailles world, check their MySpace page here

Versailles fans out there, I hope you're enjoying the show. Best of fun to all of you ^^

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where to get J-Rock resources without using Google

Sometimes people wonder how I manage to know all of the J-Rock stuff without being left behind even the juicy rumors. If you already know the particular band, it's easy to go and check their OHP for new updates but most of the sites are in Japanese so it's very hard to understand unless you can read the Japanese. If you're not using the Japanese version of Windows or you didn't install the Japanese script, it's even more troublesome to access their OHP. In this post, I'll let you know how you can always keep up to date about your favorite bands plus other tones of goodies such as icons, wallpapers, magazine scans, banner, header, translations, etc. Not to mention, even the pv in high quality, backstage video and comment, video.

Actually, you can always get these stuffs in the forums if you happened to come across at one forum. Honestly, I hate forums because the members can be very violent and easily insulted so you have to be very careful with what you have posted. There's this forum where the members are bashing each other and it can be out of control. In other words, forums is not really a place where you can have a peaceful and friendly discussion even though the rules clearly stated that you shouldn't bash other members and definitely no cursing.

So, if the forums which can be one of the wonderful resources about J-Rock is not really a good place, so where can you go? It's simple. All you gotta do is go to LiveJournal. This is a wonderful place on the Net where you'll get lots of information related to J-Rock. I know that LiveJournal isn't that unknown but people think that LiveJournal is another place that similar to any blogging site. True, but not entirely true. What I really love about the community in LiveJournal is the members of the community really follow the rules and definitely no bashing. This is the place where you can finally have peaceful and friendly discussion. Fangirlism is something that can't be avoided in any place you've been on the Net, but it's still controllable in LiveJournal. So it's definitely worth a place to set up your account.

Most of the posts in the communities are friends only which means it's only open to the members of the community. In order to view the posts, you have to be the member of that community. Some of the community requires the moderator to approve your request so they'll reject your request if you didn't meet the requirements. So it's better for you to read the rules before joining.

Believe me, you'll definitely love this site. What can you ask for more if you can find more than you need, right? Below are the links for communities for each band. I'm a member of these communities and these are the communities where I get lots of resources.

  1. Jrock scans - the community where you'll get various magazine scans plus magazine directory
  2. Jrock translate - Jrock translation community
  3. Jrocknoyakusho - another Jrock translation community
  4. Jrock Sekai - Jrock mp3 download community
  5. Jrock wallpaper - Jrock wallpaper community
  6. _psc_ - community for bands under PSC
That's the communities where you'll get various resources. Link below is specifically for the communities of my favorite bands

Alice nine.
  1. alice_nine - alice nine. community
  2. alicenine. diaries - alice nine. diary translation community
  3. xaliceninex - another alice nine. community
  4. 5star story - alice nine translation community
An Cafe
  1. Nyappy Go Around - an cafe community
  1. Broken World - Angelo community
  1. Gazerock Is Not Dead - Gazette community
  2. gazette_daily's journal - Gazette scans community (you can get Gazette scans here if you can't find in the jrock scans)
  3. Gazette Media - another Gazette community
  4. ridetherockers - Gazette translation
  1. kagrra - Kagrra, community
  2. Kagrra | Media - Kagrra media community
Plastic Tree
  1. kurage - Plastic Tree community
  2. Bucchi's blog - Official blog translation community
  1. SuG Fan - SuG community
  2. xsugx - another SuG community
Actually, communities that I joined are more than what I've mentioned in this post. Just leave a comment if you really want to know more about other J-Rock community and I didn't mention communities for band that has disbanded because there may not be any new posts. Just to remind you again that all of the posts in the communities are friends-lock so be the member of the community and read the rules before joining. Then again, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

Monday, April 21, 2008

April update - Gazette

There's an update in staff blog in Ameba but unfortunately I don't have Ameba account. Thanks to axa_knows from Live Journal for posting this in Gazette Media community in Live Journal.


2008.08.23 (Saturday)
Fujikyuu highland

the GazettE TOUR 2007-2008
IN 国立代々木競技場第一体育館


An Cafe - Shikisai Moment album review

This is their second album which was released before Magnya Carta, in other words this album when Bou was still with the band. Unfortunately, both regular and limited edition for this album is no longer available in CDJapan so if you want me to upload for you, you can request by leaving a comment in this post.

  1. OP.NG (Shikisai ver)
  2. Merrymaking
  3. Escapism (Shikisai version)
  4. Ippatsu Gyakuten Ren'ai Game
  5. Golden Wing
  6. Rinne no Tsumi
  7. Gangu
  8. Tekesuta Kousen
  9. Nyappy in the World
  10. 1/2
  11. Wagamama Koshinkyoku
  1. Wagamama Koshinkyoku pv
  2. Tekesuta Kousen pv
  3. Escapism pv
  4. Merrymaking pv

OP.NG (Shikisai version)

This is the opening of this album which is only the instrumental (some sort of like a welcome music). It has the traditional music element and followed by the dance music. It's a funky track and it's suitable to be the opening for this album. Rating: 5/5


The typical An Cafe's happy song. If you're so used with their new album, you may feel like Miku's voice is funny but his voice doesn't make the whole song sounds awful. It's a very energetic and catchy song. You'll definitely love it! Rating: 5/5


The song starts with a radio-like intro and the guitar starts. It's not that catchy and not that slow but it's actually a pleasant song unless Miku's old voice really does bothering you. The lyric is very straightforward but the pv really cracks me up. Rating: 5/5

Ippatsu Gyakuten Ren'ai Game

This is actually a funny song as you'll hear duck sound in this song (I heard that Miku loves Donald Duck so please confirm me about this) and Miku's scream. It's really hard to describe his scream but I didn't find it annoying though. But still, it's a pleasant song to hear. Rating: 4/5

Golden Wing

It's a heavy song after a few happy songs. So let's get serious....maybe not considering it's An Cafe's song we're talking about. Miku's previous voice may not cut out to sing this kind of song but it's not so bad. Even though his voice sounds cute but this song is just amazing. Rating:5/5

Rinne no Tsumi

A ballad song but Miku sang this song with full of emotion so this is absolutely wonderful song in this album. Rating: 5/5


Another song that is full of Miku's cute scream. It's not that all he did is just scream. He still sings like he usually does but he screamed in the middle, that's all. I'm not so fond of this song not because of the scream but I didn't feel that I was hooked with this song. Rating: 3/5

Tekesuta Kousen

I love this song and the pv really make my day. It's a happy song and there's a little bit of scream so don't worry so much about the scream. Rating: 5/5

Nyappy in the World

The first version of Nyappy in the World!!! I'm so sorry that I screwed up the order of the version but whatever. This is truly indeed a happy song and it will make you feel like you're ready to bounce. This song is really a perk-me-up song after a long tired day after work. It will definitely brighten your day. Rating: 5/5


Honestly, I don't like this song even though this song is composed by Bou. Rating: 2/5

Wagamama Koshinkyoku

This is a catchy song and not really that fast beat but it's a nice song especially the pv. This is the pv that they wear apparel by Sexpot Revenge since they're the spokeperson of this brand. Rating: 5/5

This is the album that make me hooked to An Cafe because this is the first An Cafe album that I bought so believe me, I don't find Miku's voice is awful compared to his current voice. This is their second indie album after their Amedama Rock album so to me, it's a pretty good album for an indie band and they don't look that scary (this is what osharei-kei is all about). If you're too used with Miku's current voice, you may not believe this was his voice sounds like back in the all days but this is self improvement is all about.

Here's the pv. Enjoy!!

Wagamama Koshinkyoku

Tekesuta Kousen



Friday, April 18, 2008

An Cafe - Gokutama Rock Cafe album review

Sorry for the long hiatus so today I bring you An Cafe's latest album, Gokutama Rock Cafe. The first press limited edition comes with bonus sticker. This album is in the top 20 in Oricon Chart.

  1. Ryuusei Rocket
  2. S☆B☆Y
  3. Cherry Saku Yuuki
  4. Nyappy in the world 3
  5. Baby King
  6. Daybreak
  7. Pierce
  8. Koritsu Hospital
  9. Kakusei Heroism ~ The Hero Without a Name
  10. Aijou Cycling
  11. Orange Dream
  1. Kakusei Heroism ~ The Hero without a Name pv
  2. Ryuusei Rocket pv
  3. Cherry Saku Yuuki pv
  4. Yagai de Nyappy-yanen Charinkoman Documentary

Ryuusei Rocket

I have written the review for Ryuusei Rocket before but if you feel lazy to check the entry again so I just give my short opinion about this song. It's a very poppish song but just like their previous song, it's a dance rock song so of course it sounds poppish. This is a lovely song. Rating:5/5


This song reminds me of their old song Merrymaking but it's more energetic than Merrymaking. If you never heard Merrymaking before, this is a fast beat song even the guitar solo part is also fast! This song will certainly make you jump high. Rating: 5/5

Cherry Saku Yuuki

This is a fast beat version of Maple Gunman. When I heard this song for the first time, I wasn't really fond of this song but I was so hooked with this song on the second listen. This song makes me feel happy so listen to this song if you're feeling down. Rating:5/5

Nyappy in the World 3

I love this track the most. The 3rd version of the nyappy in the world (with different lyric of course!) is definitely the best. The lyric for this song is very touching. This song really lifted my mood. Rating: 5/5

Baby King

The intro for this song reminds me of a game music but I can't really recall what game. It's a fast beat song but I don't really fancy this song maybe because I find the intro for this song is funny. Rating: 3/5


This song is composed by Yuuki. I was wondering about Yuuki's composition so this song is the answer. I've no idea whether he had any experience in composing song before but I really love this song. This is the first song he had ever composed but surprisingly it's a nice song, it's so full of happiness. Good job, Yuuki! Rating: 5/5


This song is slightly heavy compared to other songs but it's still a nice song. I don't have anything much to say about this song other than I love it. The guitar solo part is very long and surprisingly nice. Takuya isn't so bad after all. Rating: 5/5

Koritsu Hospital

This song is like the continuation of Pierce. It's heavier than Pierce and who would've thought that it's composed by Takuya. It's not that I find him talentless but they gave him a chance to show his talent to the fan. I never expect his composition to be heavy because he doesn't look like kind of guy who loves composing heavy song. Anyway, he has done a fantastic job in this song. Rating: 5/5

Kakusei Heroism ~ The Hero Without a Name

I've written this review about this song before so I just make my opinion short. For those who miss the review, this is the first single with Yuuki and Takuya and it's the second OP for Darker than Black - Kuro no Keiyakusha. This song is really suitable for the anime and I love this song. Give it a try then. rating: 5/5

Aijou Cycling

Another happy and fast beat song. I think the song is getting heavier as the number of track increased so my mood is getting lifted higher and higher, lol. It's a nice song and who knows you're accidentally humming to this song. Rating: 5/5

Orange Dream

The last song in this album but it's already toned down after a few fast beat songs. Here's the reason why: this song is actually dedicated to Bou. This is a very touching song because the lyric is all about saying goodbye to Bou and a token of appreciation for the things Bou has done to the band. I almost cry when I listened to this song for the first time as they wanted to tell the fans that they haven't forgotten Bou and they didn't want the fan to forget about Bou. Even the guitar solo part is also fulls of sadness. It's a lovely song especially dedicated to Bou. Rating: 5/5

When I saw the art cover for the first time, I must say that they give a new definition of skull. If you think that skull is scary, An Cafe will make you feel the opposite. The art cover for the limited edition is the answer. Who would've thought that skull can be cute. Since this is the first album with the 2 new members I'm surprised that it's a very nicely done album. Some of the songs reminds me of Kat-Tun songs but I know Kat-Tun and An Cafe is a 2 different band so the songs are not the same, it's just that your feeling confused you. If you're still skeptical of buying this album, buy it! You'll never go wrong with this album unless Osharei-kei band is not your cup of coffee.

Here's the pv. Sorry for the long post.

Kakusei Heroism ~ The Hero without a Name

Ryuusei rocket

Cherry Saku Yuuki

Friday, April 11, 2008

Plastic Tree - Alone Again, Wonderful World single review

I finally get my hands on the single and of course I've listened to it....twice. It's a new single anyway, can't be helped how many times I've listened to it. The first press limited edition comes with a poster. As for regular edition, bonus track Hajimete no XXX is included.

  1. Alone Again, Wonderful World
  2. Psychedelisme
  3. Alone Again, Wonderful World (instrumental)
  4. Psychedelisme (instrumental)
  1. Alone Again, Wonderful World pv
  2. Alone Again, Wonderful World making of

Alone Again, Wonderful World

This song has a very long slow intro but somehow this song reminds me of Green Day song (honestly, I don't remember how Green Day's songs sound like) . I do love slow songs by Plastic Tree but this song doesn't really appeal to me that much. Rating: 3/5


The truth is, I don't really know how to spell the word in English since I only know the title in katakana. Based on the katakana reading, it sounds just like I've spelled. Anyway, I'm totally in love with this song. I still consider this as a slow song but I prefer this song than Alone Again Wonderful World. It has a very edgy sound so that's the reason why it's better than Alone Again Wonderful World. Rating: 5/5

Alone Again, Wonderful World (instrumental)

When I listened to instrumental version, the Green Day resemblance is really strong to me but I'm still not addicted to this instrumental. Rating: 3/5

Psychedelism (instrumental)

Nothing much different with the voice-included version but this instrumental version is a proof that the music is really does sounds edgy. Rating: 4/5

Honestly, I was a bit disappointed with this single. I should've guessed that the title itself will make me feel unsatisfied. Maybe I'm putting too much expectation in this single. This single is solely for Plastic Tree's fans only. If you're a first time listener, I don't encourage you to buy this single.

Here's the pv. You'll be the judge then.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Plastic Tree - Namae no nai Hana single review

This is the review for the last 3-months release single, Namae no nai Hana. Once you purchased this single this single, you'll get the complete calendar. Just to remind you again that it's an old calendar unless you're a sucker for Plastic Tree merchandise. Their new single, Alone Again Wonderful World is out and probably the review will come out the day after tomorrow. I can't guarantee you that. Here's the review.

  1. Namae no nai Hana
  2. Paranoia

Namae no nai Hana

This song starts with a slow intro then you'll hear the bass. I love the music as it's a very catchy song. You may not like this song if you have listened to Kuchuu Buranko or Ghost as these two songs feel totally different. However, I think this song is worth a listen. Rating: 5/5


I am so not into this song. It's actually another catchy song but I don't find myself addicted to it. Rating: 2/5

Actually, this single released first followed by Ghost and Kuchuu Buranko. Then you'll get the complete set of calendar. If I'm not mistaken, once you purchased all three singles you can send a card you'll get the calendar holder but I'm sorry to say that it's no longer available. I don't really understand Japanese that much so I'm not so sure about it. Even though it's a short single without instrumental track, but I believe this song will definitely liven up your mood because of the catchy music. Still in a doubt? Give it a try then!

Here's the pv. Even though the pv is barely visible at least you're able to hear the song, lol.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Plastic Tree - Kuchuu Buranko single review

Just to let you know that Plastic Tree's new single, Alone Again Wonderful World is released today! The cd should be arrived soon so do check out for the review later. I'm so enthusiastic about the release. So let's get to the main point.

This is another 3-month consecutive release single as you'll get another 4 pages calendar. Just to remind you again that this is an old single so the calendar is already outdated unless you're a sucker for Plastic Tree goods which is it's not such a bad thing to collect the goods if you're a true fan.

  1. Kuchuu Buranko
  2. Tsuki no hikari o tayori ni
  3. Kuchuu Buranko (instrumental)


Kuchuu Buranko

The song starts with the drum followed by the bass. This song really reminds me of their old songs as this song has the melancholic feeling. It's not as depressing as the old song but I'm so hooked with this song. Rating: 5/5

Tsuki no Hikari o Tayori ni

This is a slow song and it's not an addictive B-Side track so I don't really like this song. You may enjoy this song if you really love slow track like this one. Rating: 2/5

Kuchuu Buranko (instrumental)

I think the instrumental version sounds really mellow as the music is rather simple so there's nothing impressive about the instrumental version. Rating: 3/5

Overall, I really love this single as this single really reminds me of their old song but the lyrics are the only things that keep them different than their old songs. If you're really miss Plastic Tree's old songs, this is just made for you. New fans, this is a single that you should give a try.

Here's the pv. Who knows you'll love circus after this ^^

Friday, April 4, 2008

Plastic Tree - Ghost single review

This single is one of the three-month consecutive single which has 4 calendar pages. If you want a complete calendar, you have to purchase 3 singles (Namae no nai hana, Ghost and Kuuchu Buranko). However, these are the old singles so the calendar is already outdated. I must say the calendar is really beautiful. Anyway, here's the review.

  1. Ghost
  2. Suisai
  3. Ghost (instrumental)



I must say that this song is different than any other Plastic Tree song I've ever heard since it sounds so hardcore. The music starts with a slow guitar intro and the guitar becomes heavy after that. It's a very hardcore song but they managed to pull the hardcore music very well so kudos to them. Rating: 5/5


Another heavy song. I don't really have anything much to say about this song but I really enjoy this song. Rating: 5/5

Ghost (instrumental)

According to Tadashi and Akira, this instrumental was the original music for Ghost but they did a few modification to make it sound better. In other words, this instrumental is different than the actual music. It sounds like they're playing the song in the garage but it's actually very unique. The bass sound is a bit coarse compare to the actual music and same goes to guitar but it gives totally different feeling. Listen to it and you'll know what I mean. Rating: 5/5

Overall, this single is different than any other singles before as i mentioned before, so if you love hardcore music, this single is a must buy for you even though you're a first timer.

Here's Ghost PV

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

An Cafe - Ryuusei Rocket single review

This is the second single released after Kakusei Heroism~ Heroes without name. This is the theme song for TV series Fuma no Kojiro.

  1. Ryuusei Rocket
  2. Koi no Dependance
  3. Ryuusei Rocket (instrumental)
  4. Koi no Dependance (instrumental)

  1. Ryuusei Rocket pv


Ryuusei Rocket

This is a very upbeat song. You can hear the keyboard sound in this song. However, the guitar solo part isn't that nice but it's still considerably okay. Miku's voice is even more powerful and improved compared to the previous single. Rating: 5/5

Koi no Dependance

I'm honestly speaking that I don't like this song. It's not that this song is horrible but it doesn't make me fond of this song. Rating: 2/5

Ryuusei Rocket

It doesn't have much difference with the voice-included version, but you can hear the upbeat melody way much clearer without the voice. Maybe you can use this instrumental on the dance floor. Rating: 5/5

Koi no Dependance (instrumental)

Since I don't like this song, I never seem to bother about the instrumental version. Rating: 2/5

Personally, I prefer this single more than Kakusei Heroism ~ Heroes Without Name since this single is much more upbeat. This can be an absolutely great single if the B-Side single is acceptable. If you have watched the TV series and wants to buy this single, it's actually a great investment if you don't mind much about the B-Side single.

Here's Ryuusei Rocket pv

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

An Cafe - Magnya Carta album review

This is the 3rd full album and this is the last album which has Bou. I'm happy to say that I can't hardly wait for their new album which will be released soon. Some people said that they got sticker for the first press but it seems that I didn't get any of those since my order was pending due to the limited stock for this album. This review is based on the limited edition version. Beware: This is going to be an extremely long post.

  1. Lock on the new sekai
  2. Smile Ichiban Ii Onna
  3. Nyappy in the world 2
  4. Pipo Papo Telepathy
  5. Maple Gunman
  6. Pushin Pullin
  7. Nanairo Crayon de Egaku Hikari
  8. Snow Scene
  9. Jikoai Shugisha no Mijuku na Akuma
  10. Meguriaeta Kiseki
  11. Bonds ~ Kizuna (album version)


  1. Maple Gunman pv
  2. Bonds ~ Kizuna pv
  3. Smile Ichiban Ii Onna pv
  4. Snow Scene pv


Lock on the new sekai

If you can read the japanese writing on my blog title, this is actually what it said. I really love this song, not just the title. This song has a very catchy yet energetic melody with a wonderful lyric. Talking about being confident. Rating: 5/5

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna

This song is love~ It has this dance popbeat feeling and it really makes me wants to dance when I listened to this song. There is also a little bit of guitar part so it's not entirely dance music. I really love the hand movement Miku made in the pv because that's totally amazing. The pv is also funny. Watch this pv because it's very hilarious. Rating: 5/5

Nyappy in the world 2

This is a song for me....kidding! My username was obtained from this song because I really love this song, I've no other reason to be called that. This song is still upbeat just like the one in Shikisai Moment but honestly, I would prefer the early version rather than this one. The nyappiness isn't that high compared to the previous version. However, the guitar solo part is exactly like Nyappy in the world. Rating: 3/5

Pipo Papo Telepathy

This is a catchy song as the intro has the gong sound. This song is pretty hilarious somehow but I still love this song. Rating: 4/5

Maple Gunman

When I'm listening to this song for the first time, I think this song is so funny but it's a happy song so I never seem to care about the fact that it's a funny song. There is a rap part in this song. Watch the pv. I'm sure it will crack you up. Rating: 5/5

Pushin Pullin

I don't like this song because it's a crappy song. I've nothing much to say other than I hate this song. Rating: 2/5

Nanairo Crayon de Egaku Hikari

This is a ballad song and I'm not so fond of this song so I always skip this track whenever I listen to this album. Rating: 2/5

Snow Scene

I should say this is one of the slightly heavy song I've heard in this album. It's actually a serious song compared to the previous songs. I must say that I really love the guitar solo part because it's so serious yet a bit depressing, makes me realized the coldness of the snow. Rating: 5/5

Jikoai Shugisha no Mijuku na Akuma

This is a very catchy song that really uplift your mood. Believe me, you'll feel better when you listen to this song. The guitar solo part is so melodious even though it's kinda slow regrdless of the fast beat of this song. Rating: 5/5

Meguriaeta Kiseki

Another ballad song which is nicely done. The lyric sounds so serious when you actually listened to it, you feel like crying. The guitar solo part is also kinda sad but I think the guitar solo part seems identical in the previous track. But still, kudo to this song. Rating: 5/5

Bonds ~ Kizuna (album version)

The last track in this album. The song is slightly different compared to the single version because to me the single version is slightly upbeat and the guitar solo part sounds different. They maybe tried to change the song composition but it wasn't that drastic change. Rating: 4/5

Overall, this album is worth a buy if you never listened to An Cafe before. Most of the songs are well done so it doesn't sound so odd compared to their previous album, Shikisai Moment. Miku's voice is much more improved since his voice is no longer sounds like a chipmunk but don't mean that his voice is horrible. This is a must-have cd. Get it while you still can because most places is no longer stocking this cd.

Here's the pv:

Maple Gunman pv

Bonds ~ Kizuna pv

Smile Ichiban Ii Onna pv

Snow Scene pv