Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where to get J-Rock resources without using Google

Sometimes people wonder how I manage to know all of the J-Rock stuff without being left behind even the juicy rumors. If you already know the particular band, it's easy to go and check their OHP for new updates but most of the sites are in Japanese so it's very hard to understand unless you can read the Japanese. If you're not using the Japanese version of Windows or you didn't install the Japanese script, it's even more troublesome to access their OHP. In this post, I'll let you know how you can always keep up to date about your favorite bands plus other tones of goodies such as icons, wallpapers, magazine scans, banner, header, translations, etc. Not to mention, even the pv in high quality, backstage video and comment, video.

Actually, you can always get these stuffs in the forums if you happened to come across at one forum. Honestly, I hate forums because the members can be very violent and easily insulted so you have to be very careful with what you have posted. There's this forum where the members are bashing each other and it can be out of control. In other words, forums is not really a place where you can have a peaceful and friendly discussion even though the rules clearly stated that you shouldn't bash other members and definitely no cursing.

So, if the forums which can be one of the wonderful resources about J-Rock is not really a good place, so where can you go? It's simple. All you gotta do is go to LiveJournal. This is a wonderful place on the Net where you'll get lots of information related to J-Rock. I know that LiveJournal isn't that unknown but people think that LiveJournal is another place that similar to any blogging site. True, but not entirely true. What I really love about the community in LiveJournal is the members of the community really follow the rules and definitely no bashing. This is the place where you can finally have peaceful and friendly discussion. Fangirlism is something that can't be avoided in any place you've been on the Net, but it's still controllable in LiveJournal. So it's definitely worth a place to set up your account.

Most of the posts in the communities are friends only which means it's only open to the members of the community. In order to view the posts, you have to be the member of that community. Some of the community requires the moderator to approve your request so they'll reject your request if you didn't meet the requirements. So it's better for you to read the rules before joining.

Believe me, you'll definitely love this site. What can you ask for more if you can find more than you need, right? Below are the links for communities for each band. I'm a member of these communities and these are the communities where I get lots of resources.

  1. Jrock scans - the community where you'll get various magazine scans plus magazine directory
  2. Jrock translate - Jrock translation community
  3. Jrocknoyakusho - another Jrock translation community
  4. Jrock Sekai - Jrock mp3 download community
  5. Jrock wallpaper - Jrock wallpaper community
  6. _psc_ - community for bands under PSC
That's the communities where you'll get various resources. Link below is specifically for the communities of my favorite bands

Alice nine.
  1. alice_nine - alice nine. community
  2. alicenine. diaries - alice nine. diary translation community
  3. xaliceninex - another alice nine. community
  4. 5star story - alice nine translation community
An Cafe
  1. Nyappy Go Around - an cafe community
  1. Broken World - Angelo community
  1. Gazerock Is Not Dead - Gazette community
  2. gazette_daily's journal - Gazette scans community (you can get Gazette scans here if you can't find in the jrock scans)
  3. Gazette Media - another Gazette community
  4. ridetherockers - Gazette translation
  1. kagrra - Kagrra, community
  2. Kagrra | Media - Kagrra media community
Plastic Tree
  1. kurage - Plastic Tree community
  2. Bucchi's blog - Official blog translation community
  1. SuG Fan - SuG community
  2. xsugx - another SuG community
Actually, communities that I joined are more than what I've mentioned in this post. Just leave a comment if you really want to know more about other J-Rock community and I didn't mention communities for band that has disbanded because there may not be any new posts. Just to remind you again that all of the posts in the communities are friends-lock so be the member of the community and read the rules before joining. Then again, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment.

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