Monday, May 26, 2008

Gazette - Disorder album review

This is the first Gazette's full length album. This review will focused on the normal edition version which is there's no extra stuff. Special booklet is available for Limited Edition version.

  1. Intro
  2. The Social Riot Machine$
  3. Carry?
  4. Zakurogata no Yuutsu
  5. Maximum Impulse
  6. Hana Kotoba
  7. Tokyo Shinju
  8. SxDxR
  9. Anti Pop
  10. Shichigatsu youka
  11. Saraba
  12. Disorder Heaven


This is only just the instrumental intro so there's nothing special about this intro. Rating: 3/5

Social Riot Machine$

This is the first song that introduced me to Gazette and I was traumatized because of this song. However, when I listened to it again I think this song isn't so bad. This song makes you feel like head banging because of its hardcore music. You definitely won't get what Ruki said because it sounds like he is growling and screaming. You may not like this song at first but this song will definitely make you feel energetic. Rating: 5/5


My most favorite song. The lyrics is in English but you can't really hear what he said clearly because the vocal is in low pitch except for the chorus part. There are screaming in the certain part of the song but I truly enjoy this song. This song makes me feel so energetic. Rating: 5/5

Zakurogata no Yuutsu

I don't like this song as I find this song crappy. Rating:2/5

Hana Kotoba

This is a ballad song. There's nothing much to talk about this song since I'm not so fond of it. Rating: 3/5

Tokyo Shinju

This song has this 70s rock beat which makes me think of classic rock but the lyrics itself is quite stylish. Even the guitar makes me so touching. Rating: 4/5


If you're wondering what SxDxR means, it's actually mean sex, drugs and rock'n roll. The lyrics itself is talking about these 3 elements so I'm not so fond of this song. Well, the truth is I don't really mind about those stuff but it's just that the music didn't get my attention. Rating: 2/5

Anti Pop

Another favorite song. The song starts with the jazz music and after that the heavy and fast beat music comes in. I really love this song because all of them are singing this song with full of energy and enthusiasm. Rating: 5/5

Shichigatsu Youka

This song is a bit poppish but it's still great. Unfortunately, I barely remember how this song sounds like. My bad m(_ _)m. Rating: 3/5


This is a ballad song and it's an anti war song. So if you're planning to do anti war campaign, use this song. I really love this song not just because of the anti war element but also the music. Rating: 4/5

Disorder Heaven

This is the ending for the album. It doesn't sound so bad but I'm not so fond of this song. Rating:3/5

If you have listened to the whole album, you'll notice that this album has a lot of variety in terms of music so this album is absolutely unique. However, if you have listened to their later release such as NIL and Stacked Rubbish, you'll realize that Disorder actually is less serious and less tense than those 2 albums. If you're searching for Gazette's old sound, this album is definitely for you. If you want more serious and hardcore stuff, then listen to NIL or Stacked Rubbish.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Looking for anime and Jrock MySpace layout?

Google can be a very powerful tool to search for anime or Jrock MySpace layout but the result search must be really disappointing to some of you. It's either you don't really like the design or you can't find the layout you've been looking for. Fear not, I can recommend you a good site that is not just have tones of MySpace layouts but also there are also website layouts, banner, avatar and even tutorial for those who are interested.

So everyone, do check The Forgotten Lair

This site has lots of MySpace layouts and I really love the layout. But from what I see, it has quite a lot of nice anime layout but it's quite limited for Jrock layouts. Even though it's not that many, if you are a fan of Dir en Grey, Gazette, L'arc en Ciel, Nightmare, Vidoll and Alice Nine, you should take a look at this website. This website also is taking request so follow the guidelines on how to make a request. Most importantly, if you're taking any, please credit or don't modify the layouts and claim as yours.

If you know if there's any other website that provides nice MySpace layouts (preferably anime and Jrock) please tell me by commenting in this post. Hope you enjoy your visit to the website.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

May news: Gazette and Alice Nine updates

This month, both of these bands have announced new releases


the GazettE LIVE DVD 2008.8.6 IN STORES

国立代々木競技場第一体育館 (Yoyogi National Gymnasium Stadium)

¥9,765(tax in)

Which means;
[Limited Edition]
3 DVD. Disk 1,2 and bonus disk.
60 page deluxe booklet.
¥9,765 (tax in) which is around $98/£49. :)

DVD 2枚組
¥6,090(tax in)

Which means;
Regular Edition.
2 DVD.
¥6,090(tax in) which is around $60/£30.

Credit to soushin_nokoe from LiveJournal for the news.

Alice Nine


★3 types on sale at the same time★

●First press limited Type-A "RAINBOWS" + another new song
includes a 40-pages extra booklet and a sleeve case
[regular price] 1,890 yen [tax-in price] 1,890 yen KICM-91241

●First press limited Type-B "RAINBOWS" + another new song         
includes the DVD of "RAINBOWS"'s MUSIC CLIP  
[regular price] 1,890 yen [tax-in price] 1,890 KICM-91242

●Regular edition "RAINBOWS" + 2 new songs including one bonus track
[regular price] 1,260 yen [tax-in price] 1,200 KICM-1241 

Credit to alicenine_news from LiveJournal for the news

Saturday, May 10, 2008

MySpace: Another way of obtaining Jrock resources

I believe that most of you have MySpace account because your friends have one too so you should have one. We all know that some of the artists were discovered because of MySpace so it's not surprising that many artists will have their own MySpace and it also applies to the Visual-kei scene. There's nothing wrong for Visual-kei band to have their own MySpace so let's just get straight to the point.

Most of the visual-kei bands do have their own MySpace and it's definitely their official MySpace, not being setup by the fans, even though there are some were setup by the fans. Whether it's really theirs or not, it's hard to identify so let's not go into there. I have MySpace account and surprisingly I only have just around 3-4 friends in my network and the rest are Visual-kei bands which I only just send my friend request only to increase my friend's list. Whatever reason you have, MySpace is actually the best place for you to find information about the bands themselves and the best part is, it's in English even their blogs so if you have problem viewing their OHP, MySpace is the best place to check. Some of the bands do post their translated blogs on their MySpace so it's worth subscribing their blogs. As for Bulletin, it's also posted in English so don't worry so much about the language barrier. Most people on their friend's list are international fans so the contents are purely English.

Since they can upload music on their MySpace, you can hear the songs on their MySpace and you can add the song to your profile, if you wish. However, most of the bands don't upload the whole song, only just a portion of it. Even though it's only just a portion, you'll get the idea how the songs sound like. So far, Versailles and Angelo are the only bands that upload full songs on their MySpace but not the entire album. It's still better than just the portion of the song.

Visual-kei bands always have different looks and outfits whenever they're going to start a new tour or release new single or album. You can tag their pictures since MySpace allows users to tag other people's photos. If you can't get directly from their OHP, you can get it in their MySpace and yes, you're allowed to comment but no bashing.

Below are the links to their official MySpace, so if you have MySpace account, feel free to add them in your friend's list.

Gazette Official MySpace

alice nine.
alice nine. Official MySpace

Kagrra,Official MySpace

Miyavi Official MySpace

Kra Official MySpace

An Cafe
An Cafe Official MySpace

Versailles Official MySpace

Other bands such as Mucc, Girugamesh, LM.C and indie bands such as Daizy Stripper, Kiryu and (this is not visual-kei) are also in my friend's list so feel free to leave a comment if you want the url for their MySpace

Monday, May 5, 2008

Angelo - Winter Moon single review

I never say anything much about them not because they're the band that I like the least. It seems like I have so many albums and singles to review so I accidentally left them out. In order to make up with my lack of awareness about them, so here's the review for their single.

The first press limited edition comes with free poster and has 2 types which is Type A and Type B, Type A which has Winter Moon pv and Type B which has Eden live video. This review will focus more on Type A version.

  1. Winter Moon
  2. Eden
  1. Winter Moon pv

Winter Moon

The song starts with the sound of the bell and after that the guitar comes in. Compared with the previous single, this song is not neither heavy nor slow. What I really love the most about this song is the guitar solo is totally amazing. ToruXXX really did a splendid job for the guitar in this song. Rating: 5/5


This song has a slow intro but becomes heavy after the intro. Honestly, I like this song way much more than Winter Moon maybe because it's a heavy song. Rating: 5/5

This is the second single released by Angelo. For Pierrot fans, this single may or may not make you feel like it has the Pierrot feeling. But still, it's not so visible. Even though Angelo consists of members of Pierrot, this single is a proof that Angelo is different than Pierrot in terms of music. If you still miss Pierrot, this single can be a substitute but just bear in mind that it's Angelo's single, not Pierrot.

Here's Winter Moon pv

Eden live video