Monday, May 5, 2008

Angelo - Winter Moon single review

I never say anything much about them not because they're the band that I like the least. It seems like I have so many albums and singles to review so I accidentally left them out. In order to make up with my lack of awareness about them, so here's the review for their single.

The first press limited edition comes with free poster and has 2 types which is Type A and Type B, Type A which has Winter Moon pv and Type B which has Eden live video. This review will focus more on Type A version.

  1. Winter Moon
  2. Eden
  1. Winter Moon pv

Winter Moon

The song starts with the sound of the bell and after that the guitar comes in. Compared with the previous single, this song is not neither heavy nor slow. What I really love the most about this song is the guitar solo is totally amazing. ToruXXX really did a splendid job for the guitar in this song. Rating: 5/5


This song has a slow intro but becomes heavy after the intro. Honestly, I like this song way much more than Winter Moon maybe because it's a heavy song. Rating: 5/5

This is the second single released by Angelo. For Pierrot fans, this single may or may not make you feel like it has the Pierrot feeling. But still, it's not so visible. Even though Angelo consists of members of Pierrot, this single is a proof that Angelo is different than Pierrot in terms of music. If you still miss Pierrot, this single can be a substitute but just bear in mind that it's Angelo's single, not Pierrot.

Here's Winter Moon pv

Eden live video

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