Monday, May 26, 2008

Gazette - Disorder album review

This is the first Gazette's full length album. This review will focused on the normal edition version which is there's no extra stuff. Special booklet is available for Limited Edition version.

  1. Intro
  2. The Social Riot Machine$
  3. Carry?
  4. Zakurogata no Yuutsu
  5. Maximum Impulse
  6. Hana Kotoba
  7. Tokyo Shinju
  8. SxDxR
  9. Anti Pop
  10. Shichigatsu youka
  11. Saraba
  12. Disorder Heaven


This is only just the instrumental intro so there's nothing special about this intro. Rating: 3/5

Social Riot Machine$

This is the first song that introduced me to Gazette and I was traumatized because of this song. However, when I listened to it again I think this song isn't so bad. This song makes you feel like head banging because of its hardcore music. You definitely won't get what Ruki said because it sounds like he is growling and screaming. You may not like this song at first but this song will definitely make you feel energetic. Rating: 5/5


My most favorite song. The lyrics is in English but you can't really hear what he said clearly because the vocal is in low pitch except for the chorus part. There are screaming in the certain part of the song but I truly enjoy this song. This song makes me feel so energetic. Rating: 5/5

Zakurogata no Yuutsu

I don't like this song as I find this song crappy. Rating:2/5

Hana Kotoba

This is a ballad song. There's nothing much to talk about this song since I'm not so fond of it. Rating: 3/5

Tokyo Shinju

This song has this 70s rock beat which makes me think of classic rock but the lyrics itself is quite stylish. Even the guitar makes me so touching. Rating: 4/5


If you're wondering what SxDxR means, it's actually mean sex, drugs and rock'n roll. The lyrics itself is talking about these 3 elements so I'm not so fond of this song. Well, the truth is I don't really mind about those stuff but it's just that the music didn't get my attention. Rating: 2/5

Anti Pop

Another favorite song. The song starts with the jazz music and after that the heavy and fast beat music comes in. I really love this song because all of them are singing this song with full of energy and enthusiasm. Rating: 5/5

Shichigatsu Youka

This song is a bit poppish but it's still great. Unfortunately, I barely remember how this song sounds like. My bad m(_ _)m. Rating: 3/5


This is a ballad song and it's an anti war song. So if you're planning to do anti war campaign, use this song. I really love this song not just because of the anti war element but also the music. Rating: 4/5

Disorder Heaven

This is the ending for the album. It doesn't sound so bad but I'm not so fond of this song. Rating:3/5

If you have listened to the whole album, you'll notice that this album has a lot of variety in terms of music so this album is absolutely unique. However, if you have listened to their later release such as NIL and Stacked Rubbish, you'll realize that Disorder actually is less serious and less tense than those 2 albums. If you're searching for Gazette's old sound, this album is definitely for you. If you want more serious and hardcore stuff, then listen to NIL or Stacked Rubbish.

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