Saturday, May 10, 2008

MySpace: Another way of obtaining Jrock resources

I believe that most of you have MySpace account because your friends have one too so you should have one. We all know that some of the artists were discovered because of MySpace so it's not surprising that many artists will have their own MySpace and it also applies to the Visual-kei scene. There's nothing wrong for Visual-kei band to have their own MySpace so let's just get straight to the point.

Most of the visual-kei bands do have their own MySpace and it's definitely their official MySpace, not being setup by the fans, even though there are some were setup by the fans. Whether it's really theirs or not, it's hard to identify so let's not go into there. I have MySpace account and surprisingly I only have just around 3-4 friends in my network and the rest are Visual-kei bands which I only just send my friend request only to increase my friend's list. Whatever reason you have, MySpace is actually the best place for you to find information about the bands themselves and the best part is, it's in English even their blogs so if you have problem viewing their OHP, MySpace is the best place to check. Some of the bands do post their translated blogs on their MySpace so it's worth subscribing their blogs. As for Bulletin, it's also posted in English so don't worry so much about the language barrier. Most people on their friend's list are international fans so the contents are purely English.

Since they can upload music on their MySpace, you can hear the songs on their MySpace and you can add the song to your profile, if you wish. However, most of the bands don't upload the whole song, only just a portion of it. Even though it's only just a portion, you'll get the idea how the songs sound like. So far, Versailles and Angelo are the only bands that upload full songs on their MySpace but not the entire album. It's still better than just the portion of the song.

Visual-kei bands always have different looks and outfits whenever they're going to start a new tour or release new single or album. You can tag their pictures since MySpace allows users to tag other people's photos. If you can't get directly from their OHP, you can get it in their MySpace and yes, you're allowed to comment but no bashing.

Below are the links to their official MySpace, so if you have MySpace account, feel free to add them in your friend's list.

Gazette Official MySpace

alice nine.
alice nine. Official MySpace

Kagrra,Official MySpace

Miyavi Official MySpace

Kra Official MySpace

An Cafe
An Cafe Official MySpace

Versailles Official MySpace

Other bands such as Mucc, Girugamesh, LM.C and indie bands such as Daizy Stripper, Kiryu and (this is not visual-kei) are also in my friend's list so feel free to leave a comment if you want the url for their MySpace

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